Welcome to Patent Pending

NYU’s Intellectual Property (IP), Technical Projects, and Entrepreneurship Club


Skunkworks Hackathon

Ideate, collaborate, learn, prototype, and win prizes!


Skunkworks Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Learn how to make your projects come to life with IDM Professor McDermott


Business MVP Workshop

Learn how to create a Minimum Viable Product with serial entrepreneur James Savoldelli

What we do

Workshops & Speaker events

Join us for informative workshops and events with guest speakers from top performing engineering companies and industry professionals!


Gather your entrepreneurial spirits and share innovative ideas at our hackathons! This is a great opportunity for boosting your technical and interpersonal skills, not to mention win prizes!

Skunkworks Project

The Skunkworks Hackathon is our first in-person kickoff event of 2022. Start your entrepreneurial journey and work in small teams to develop an innovative product.



Patent Pending is not just a club; We are a community of diverse individuals with a common drive. Club meetings are a place for you to have fun and make new friends.


Adding Patent Pending to your resume is only one incentive to join the club. Networking with high caliber professionals and gaining exposure to job opportunities are just a couple more attractive qualities of joining the squad!


Our most recent giveaway was a 3D Printer! Follow us on Instagram @NYUPatentPending to see how you can win our next big giveaway!